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How To Lose Weight Fast

Two Little Known Things That "Go Beyond Calories" To Lose You Belly-Fat Faster And Much More Easily; Even If You Hate To Exercise… And Still Keep It Off

There are two things, just two things that will activate fast and huge fat loss. Faster and bigger fat loss than you have ever experienced and still keep it off permanetly.  These two are so powerful that ladies that use them can get a real flat stomach that exposes the hip bone 

And the men can sculpt well ripped six pack abs visible from a distance, all in a matter of weeks.


The Calories Theory

You see, you have been taught that to lose weight you need to take in fewer calories and expend more calories. This creates what is called a calorie deficit in your body. This calories deficit is then compensated for by body fat, which in turn leads to fat loss.

This is called the Calories Theory. It is where you are advised to eat less to reduce the number of calories you are taking in and exercise more to increase the number of calories you expend.

This theory is the most marketed weight loss theory. Doctors recommend it, dieticians’ advice on it and personal trainers design workouts based on it.

But there is one problem with this theory, it is not entirely true.

Research is showing that your body only stores excess body fat when you have a high production of the hormone Insulin.  Infact Insulin is often called the "Fat Storing hormone".

Interestingly, studies also show that your body tends to lose body fat in the presence of high concentration of yet another hormone. This hormone is called Growth Hormone.

But what is even more intriguing is that when Insulin is high, Growth Hormone tends to be low. So this tips your body’s physiology towards storing body fat.

And when Insulin in low, Growth Hormone tends to be high. This tips your body’s physiology to not only burn fat, but also stop the body from storing any excess body fat.


The Biggest Mistake In Losing Body Fat

Most people believe that you need to eat fewer calories and exercises more to spend calories so you can lose weight.

Here is the problem with this "Calorie Theory".

Calories come from the food you eat. Once in the body they can be used to supply energy or they can be stored as body fat. Whether that are stored as body fat or they are used to supply energy to your body is determined by…

…you guessed it…


The biggest mistake you are making in losing body fat is that you are managing calories rather than managing the hormones that manage the calories.

The key to losing body fat fast, easily and even permanently is to Go Beyond Calories and start managing the hormones that manage the calories.

The success of a fat loss diet depends on how well you are able to achieve these two ends. It is these two hormones, Insulin and Growth Hormone that determine how much, how easily and how fast you lose body fat.

Infact if you manage these two very well, you will NEVER regain the weight you lose. And that, is a GUARANTEE!


How To Avoid Exercises By Targeting Hormones

One of the ways to stimulate one of these key hormone is by using exercises. Exercises have been shown to lead to a surge in Growth Hormone, which in turn skyrockets you metabolism which leads to a huge loss of body fat - fast.

Unfortunately, this is where we have been doing yet another mistake when it comes to losing body fat.

You have been taught that you need to do an aerobic exercise like walking for about 45 minutes to 60 minutes daily to lose weight. You have been advised that such exercises are to be performed in the "Fat Burning Zone" where as you exercise your body primarily uses body fat as energy and so you lose calories.

But here is the problem with these kinds of exercises, they do not result to an increase in Growth Hormone.

There are however, other exercises that are performed outside the "Fat Burning Zone" that lead to a surge in GH. Even more intriguing, they skyrocket your metabolism losing you body fat for the next 24 to 48 hrs.

These exercises take as little as 10 to 15 minutes to do. And you need to do them as little as just 3 times a week. These are short burst exercises or what are also called High Intensity Workouts.

It gets more interesting…

… your body will keep this elevated metabolism for the next 24 to 48 hrs. You literally will be burning body fat even as you sleep just because your workout promoted the release of Growth Hormone.

But in my research, I found a diet strategy that has the same effect as exercising. Imagine increasing your Growth Hormone and skyrocketing you metabolism to lose body fat fast, all without exercising - ever!

But it gets better…

…combine the Growth Hormone diet strategy with the Growth Hormone exercises strategy and you can realistically lose a pound of body fat daily!

This is just one of the strategies you will get in Flat Stomach Formula.

Flat Stomach Formula is a fat loss system that Goes Beyond Calories to manage the two main fat hormones to lose you belly fat fast, easily and if you keep a few simple rules, permanently.


Flat Stomach Formula - The "Go Beyond Calories" Method

If you manage these two hormones (Insulin and Growth Hormone) you are GUARANTEED to lose  the excess body fat you have. 

But managing these two main fat hormones is both a science and an art. And that is because everybody is different. And so what works so well for one person in managing Insulin and Growth Hormone may not work so well for another.

So you need a system that will adjust itself to you so you can get results. 
Flat Stomach Formula is such a system.


The Results You Can Get

Flat Stomach Formula is designed to use techniques and strategies that literally "Go Beyond Calories". It is not a one-fits-all system because one-fits-all systems do not work for everyone.

  • It is designed so that in the first 3 to 7 days you experience a noticeable increase in energy. This tells you that your body is responding to the system.

  • In 7 to 14 days you will shrink your waist by as much as one and a half (1.5) inches. This tells you that the system is specifically targeting body fat and that you are not just losing water or even worse - muscle mass.

  • In 30 days you will notice you have shrunk, you are looking for a new wardrobe. Your old clothes are no longer fitting because they are too big and you can now fit into smaller and more fashionable clothes.

  • In 45 days your friends, family and colleagues will inevitably notice a change in how you look. And this is not just a compliment rather it will be a “Wow! what are you doing? You look amazing”, kind of a compliment.

  • In 60 days your body will be transformed. And depending on how much excess body fat you had, you are looking different. This is a point of no return as you are motivated to get the ultimate results.

Depending on how much excess body fat you had and if you are doing it right, you will have lost as much as 21 pounds. Then, you will need just a little more effort and you have a flat stomach or even six pack abs.


What You Get

Strategy Guide ($19.99): This is the "secret sauce". It holds the four simple rules for managing your hormones so you can Go Beyond Calories to lose belly fat fast.

You will discover how to plan your meals in the day for most fat burning. You discover the simple yet profound alternative to exercises that will skyrocket your metabolism…etc

Food Chart ($9.99): We have categorized the 3 main food groups (Carbs, Proteins and Fats) into Good, Acceptable and Avoid categories. This chart will make choosing what to eat a breeze.

It has given special emphasize on the one food group that is notorious for making your body fat…and NO it is not fats.

Workout DVD ($39.99): If you just want to reduce your waist size you may not need these DVDs. But if ladies you want a real flat stomach, if you guys want a set of six pack abs you can see from a distance, then you will need some workouts.

The workouts can be as little as 15 minutes, three times a week. These two DVDs have 140 fat burning exercises demonstrated by a six pack abs expert.

Workout Manual ($14.99): If you choose the workout route, this manual will help you remember your workouts without having to re-watch the DVDs. The manual has organized the workouts routines you can easily follow.

Hypnosis CD ($9.99): This is the key to staying motivated. You will not get results if you do not follow the system. But you cannot follow the system if with time you get discouraged. This CD is your source of motivation.


Save Up to 50% with Bundles

We've taken the Flat Stomach Formula products and turned all of them into digital format. This means there is nothing to print, there is nothing to pack and there is nothing to ship. The whole program including the videos, is available to you at the click of a button.

All the savings we have made from cutting cost in production, shipping and handling have been passed on to you. And to make things even better for you, we have bundled all the different Flat Stomach Formula products into three different packages, depending on the results you want.

You can now save up to 60% with the Flat Stomach Formula Bundles.

I recommend at the very least you start with the Premium package.

Basic Package ( $64.95 ):

The basic flat stomach formula package is the entry level package. It has everything you need to lose belly fat. It consists of the 

  • Flat Stomach Formula Strategy Guide, 
  • the Food Chart, 
  • Beginners’ Workout Manual in case you want to dabble into some exercises
  • and the Flat Stomach Formula Hypnosis CD.

Expect to shrink your waist significantly and expect to fit into smaller pants and sexier clothes. What you will probably not be able to do with this package is to get a washboard stomach, the kind you see on models.

This package will appeal mostly to older women, as well as men who are more interested in health and better fitting clothes.

Premium Package ( $104.95 ): 

The premium flat stomach formula package is for the young and young at heart. Expect some all round body tone, a firm body. Ladies, if you are looking to get a real flat stomach, this is your best option.

Men using this package can expect to get a full six pack. This package engages exercises as a primary strategy. The beauty is that you can determine the level of intensity.

So ladies you can only use the first two levels of intensity, which is beginners and intermediate; while the guys can go all the way to the advanced as well as advanced with weights.

This package includes... 

  • everything in the Basic Package 
  • plus Intermediate, Advanced & Advanced with Weights Exercise manuals 
  • as well as 1hr 15minutes of fat burning Flat Stomach Formula workout videos demonstrated by a leading six pack abs expert.

Platinum Package ( $174.956 ):

You can also upgrade to the third package that is targeted to you who wants to create the best body you can have.

If you want to create more than a flat stomach, more than just six pack abs; if you want to create a sexy looking body; well formed arms, back and chest; if you want to create well proportioned thighs and legs, then the full body sculpting is your best choice.

This is over 3 hrs of body shaping workouts. If you choose this offer you also get the premium flat stomach formula included for free. To choose your package and to see the prices, see below... 


Your Money Back Guarantee

But it is NOT only about low prices... we are promising you results.  

If you do not start losing body fat, noticeably shrink your waist and start sculpting your midsection in the next 14 days using the Flat Stomach Formula; or for whatever reasons you do not like the package; you can ask for a full 100% money back within the next 30 days and your money will be refunded within 48hrs. 

Just click the "Contact Us" to get in touch with us.





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