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Anna Nicole Smith Weight Loss

Anna nicole smith weight loss, yet another diet pill


Anna Nicole Smith Weight Loss is one of the diets products referred to as celebrity diets. The celebrity here is the late Anna Nicole Smith, and the weight loss product is TrimSpa Formula x32.

The face behind Anna Nicole Smith Weight Loss was the famous model born as, Vickie Lynn Hogan. She passed away in 2007.

Anna Nicole Smith is reported to have used TrimSpa to lose nearly 60 pounds. She became overweight after getting involved in a court tussle over her deceased husband estate worth over $1 billion.

Anna N. Smith Diet Pictures:

Early 2005 she was spotted in New York, slimmer and trimmer than even her days as a fashion model for the fashion label GUESS. 

She gave all the credit to TrimSpa. 

When Nutramerica, the manufactures of the diet pill, heard this they approached her to be the paid spokes model behind their product.

She accepted and that’s how Trimspa become Anna Nicole Smith Weight Loss.

There are similar famous diets like Jennifer Lopez Diet and Lindsay Lohan Diet and are refered to as celebrity diets.

All these diets tend to mailny focus on calories as  the main strategy to lose body fat. However if you want to lose belly fat fast and permanetly you will need to Go Beyond Calories. See how to Go Beyond Calories here.


Anna Nicole Smith Weight Loss Pill

Anna Nicole Smith Weight loss is a weight loss pill touted as 'Your Dream Body Diet Pill'. This pill, which is ephedra free, replaces the previous product which was an ephedra based fat burner.

[Ephedra, a Chinese prescription herb, has been banned in the U.S by the F.D.A due misuse especially in diet supplements.]

Anna Nicole Smith Weight Loss, among other things is said to be a thermogenic i.e. burns more body fat by increasing metabolism, an appetite suppressant, a potential antioxidant that enhances your immune system and also regulates the thyroid gland assists in mineral absorption. 

It further claims to reduce craving for sugars supposedly by allowing body to use glucose for energy instead of storing it as body fat. This claim among others is what makes the Anna Nicole Smith Weight Loss to attract criticism, making it controversial like most weight loss pills. 

Manufactures however say the product is designed and does indeed burn body fat naturally, suppress appetite, and increase energy while maintaining and protecting vital muscle tissue. However Anna Nicole Smith Weight Loss main action path looks like suppressing appetite. Most of its ingredients point to this. 

Glucomanann, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Vanadium to Hoodia all have appetite suppressing abilities. Anna Nicole Smith herself affirms to this. In a CBS show she was reported to have said of TrimSpa, "That really shrinks your stomach . . . It shrinks it until you cannot eat much and you’re not hungry". 

It comes in a bottle of 60 capsules. You should take one capsule, three times a day, 20 minutes before meals. After 60 days continue with the same daily regime for only 5 days and skip 2 days. 

These two days allow you body to collect energy and nutrients. This is further evidence that Trimspa x32 is more of an appetite suppressant than a fat burner. It is said to takes 10 days to kick in and start to show results. 

The pills retails at between $39.99 and $29. 

The Anna Nicole Smith Weight Loss like any responsible diet recommends combining the pill with a healthy diet and exercises for it to be effective. As a diet pill it may be used to jump start a weight loss program for quick short term results. However to keep of the weight you will need a lifestyle change. 

As opposed to what some people believe, there is NO magic pill that you can pop and you lose weight just like that. Losing weight is an intricate endeavor that requires planning and presence of mind. A weight loss pill may be included in a weight loss plan, but it is not a wholesome weight loss plan in itself. 

So, even using Anna Nicole Smith Weight Loss pill, without a complementing lifestyle change, will give you only a small 5% chance of NOT regaining nearly all your weight back. 

A weight loss diet pill is only successful when used in a comprehensive weight loss program.   "Go Beyond Calories" (Get your FREE copy here)  details characteristics of such a program. When it comes to losing body fat permanently you will always have to Go Beyond Calories

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