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Best Abdominal Exercises

A better ab exercise compared to the popular crunche


We are all looking for the best abdominal exercises, the workouts that will finally unveil our six pack. Only one problem, most of what are called abdominal exercises seem to be doing very little as far as our abs are concerned.

Don't get me wrong, you can feel your abs, you just cannot see them. So what gives? First the best abdominal exercises are not the most common. Secondly, even the very best of abs workouts will do very little in creating those six pack abs you want.

Let's start with the second point. Many people have the misconception that working your abdominal muscles results to you burning the fat around you stomach area. This will then lead to lose of belly fat, finally exposing your six pack. Unfortunately, this is wrong, very wrong.
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It is true that there are studies that show intensive abdominal workouts lead to loss of belly fat. 

But, the same workouts lead to lose of fat also on your buttocks as well as thighs.

Infact intensive abdominal workouts lead to loss of body fat all over your body.

You should be aware the reason you do not have a six pack is simply because it is lost under an inch or more of body fat. 

That "skin fold" you can grad around your belly is literally fat. You need to lose that fat before you can see your abs.

Here is the problem with these ab workouts; they lead to very little fat loss. 

As such, they will not lose you all the belly fat you need to lose to see your abs.

And it gets worse; fat around the belly are tends to be among the last body fat to get used up as energy. 

This mean you will have to lose mostly lose fat in other part of the body before you completely lose that belly fat.

So the key to seeing your abs lies in getting a program that is designed to lose you a lot of body fat fast. 

In such a program, you then can include some abdominal exercises that will firm up and sculpt your abdominal muscles for those ripped abs you want. These ab exercises however should not be the primary strategy; the fat burning program should be the primary strategy. This will include a six pack abs diet as well as six pack abs exercises


Effective abdominal exercises

If you are not aware, six pack abs exercises are not necessarily workouts targeting your abdominal muscles. They are workouts designed to maximize fat burning, so you can lose a lot of body fat fast. However, in your six pack abs exercises you will need to include some abdominal workouts.

As previously mentioned, the more popular ab workouts are not the best abdominal exercises out there. Among the popular exercises include the all too famous crunches, sit-ups, lower abs exercises like leg-raises amongst other.

The first reason why they are not the best of ab exercises is because they tend to exercise abdominal muscles un-naturally. Your ab muscles naturally contract isometricaly. Isometric contraction is an activity in which there is no visible change in muscle length but in which the muscles exert force; for example pushing up against a wall.

The encetric and concetric contraction, when your ab muscles are contracting as your shoulder go up and down in a crunch is not how your abs normally work. They mostly work by contracting tight and holding e.g. as you pick something from the floor or even reach for something above your head.

The second reason why they are not the best abdominal exercises is they are easily done wrong. Because the movements are un-natural you tend to mostly involve other muscles other than ab muscles.


The best ab exercise

Though you can do the crunches once in a while, the more effective abdominal exercises are planks.

Below we look at five alternative workouts that will give you not just an ab workout but a full core workout…and then some.

  1. Standard planks
  2. One leg plank
  3. Side Plank
  4. Advanced Side Plank
  5. Push Plank

It is recommended you hold a plank for at least 30 seconds. But beginners can start of at 10 seconds and work their way up.

Standard Plank: This is a good start for beginners. Keep your forearm and toes on the floor. Keep your torso straight and rigid by tightening your abdomen, glutes, thighs and back muscles. Keep your head relaxed and looking at the floor. Then hold.

One Leg Plank: Start at a standard plank position. Then lift the right leg about 6 inches of the ground. You should feel a stretch on your abs when you lift. Hold this position. After hold time, switch legs then hold again.

Side Plank: Lay on your side of the body. Use your forearm to support your body off the ground. By tightening your abs, lift your full body of the ground so you are supporting yourself using your feet and one forearm as you face the wall. Hold position. After hold time switch sides and repeat.

Advanced Side Plank: Start from the side plank position. Then lift one leg off the ground. Hold this position. After hold time is over, switch sides and repeat.

Push Plank: This plank will involve motion. Start from a standard plank position. The body should be rigid – abs, glutes, thigh and back muscles tightened. Move into a standard push up position by “getting up” with your hands. Then “get down” back to the plank position one arm at a time. This is one rep.


Planks are among the best abdominal exercises you can do. They work the whole of your core, engaging all your abdominal muscles giving you a full abdominal workout using just one exercises.

But it is very important to remind you that these workouts will not neccesarilly lead to you getting a flat stomach or a six pack. What you really need is a fat burning strategy that spans from a fat burning diet to fat burning workouts.

And when it comes to fast and simple total fat loss you will need to Go Beyond Calories. You need to do more than your usual fat loss startegies. To do this you need two things, only two things. These two are...



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