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The Beyonce diet plan lost her 20 lbs in 10 days


Beyonce Diet is the name given by fans to a fasting weight loss diet protocol that Beyonce Knowles used to lose pounds fast couple of years back. It is rumored that she literally lost 20 lbs in under two weeks to get ready for a movie role.

But what many might not know is that Beyonce herself does not advocate the now popular "Beyonce Diet" as a means of losing weight and keeping it off. She even admits to the unsustaibnability of the strategy by saying "As soon as it was over, I gained the weight back".

This diet is a far cry from what she normally uses to keep her sasha-fierce body in shape. It is also significantly different from other celebrity weight loss diets like Janet Jackson Diet and Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss. To keep that flat stomach she actually engages a real diet and exercise regiment.

However you need to do this very differently from what everyone else is doing. You need to stop focusing on calories. Infact you need to "Go Beyond Calories" and focus on two things, just two things. See how to Go Beyond Calories here.

Beyonce Knowles who is married to hip hop super star Jay Z and currently pregnant, stands at 5 feet 7 inches. Word around is that she normally weighs at about 139 pounds. And that the thinnest she has been as an adult has been about 117 pounds. This is likely during the shoot of the movie Dream Girls. 

She then was to add some weight for a role in another movie a couple of years later, Cadillac Records; where it is speculated she was the biggest ever at 155 pounds.

In the movie Dream Girls, Beyonce plays Deena Jones a slender backup singer where she appears both as a 16 year old girl and as a 36 year woman.Beyonce says those two roles were actually shot about two weeks apart. 

What is referred to as Beyonce diet is actually the controversial Master Cleanse liquid diet, which was the tool of choice when she needed to take up two roles with significantly different body weight. 

In the movie you noticeably see the big difference in weight between the two characters. To achieve this, Beyonce actually used this liquid diet to lose about 15 pounds in less than two weeks.


Beyonce Diet and why she lost 20 lbs in 10 days

Many sources seem to indicate that she lost 20 lbs with what is now known as the  Beyonce Master Cleanse

But according to an interview featured on Self magazine she says she lost 15 lbs.

She says about the huge fast loss, "In Dreamgirls, (my character) Deena starts at 16 -- and then 20 years pass. 

Normally they'd change your make-up or your clothes but I wanted to go the extra mile."

"Back in the sixties, models like Twiggy were popular and I knew Deena would have been thin then, so even though I really love eating, it was necessary to lose weight really fast because we shot Deena at 16 and Deena at 36 two weeks apart."

Comparing the two characters in another interview with GMTV she says, "It's great because I look at the movie and I don't recognize myself - which was the point!"

Evidently the suggestion to use the fasting diet was her nutritionist idea. "My nutritionist suggested the only way to do that (i.e. lose a large amount of weight quickly) was the [maple syrup diet] fast". But before you go running to start the Maple Syrup Diet which is also known as Master Cleanse Diet among other names, she did also say, "As soon as it was over, I gained the weight back".

Master Cleanser Diet - also Maple Syrup Diet, Lemonade Diet or Cleanse

The Master Cleanse is a detoxing liquid diet protocol attributed to Stanley Burroughs. Though there claims to similar protocols as early as 1930’s, Burroughs is believed to have officially published the protocol in 1976 titled The Master Cleanser.

The protocol is actually a detox, fasting and cleansing eating regime that is to detoxify, eliminate diseases and supposedly provoke your body to healthier eating habits. Burroughs is believed to have used it to mange and even cure patients with ulcers and other intestinal problems.

The premise of the diet is that over the course of the ten days, the body will begin to heal itself and eradicate diseases because it no longer needs to concentrate its energies towards digestion.

Over the years, the protocol has evolved to lean more towards losing weight. It has since been re-popularized as a weight loss strategy by Peter Glickman’s book "Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days".

The logic behind Master Cleanse for weight loss is that as the protocol helps you detoxify your body, and so your body starts to lose weight easily. Science has pointed to some evidence that your body store some toxins that it cannot deal with immediately in the fat tissue.

These toxins make it hard for one to lose body fat because the body does not want to poison itself. If you lose the fat, the toxins will be released into your blood stream. So the body tends to hang on to such fat, making it extremely hard to lose weight.

Equally obvious is that this diet is extreme in caloric restriction. Infact, it aims to eliminate or keep to minimum calories for between 10 to 40 days.


How to do the "Beyonce Diet"

There are variations by different people on exactly how to do the Maple Syrup (Master Cleanse) Diet. Strictly speaking though, you do it for 14 days. The first 10 days involve taking only the cleansing juice; no solid foods allowed. The next 4 days involve easing out of the diet slowly as you re-introducing solid foods.

There are technically two parts to this fasting diet. The juice concoction that you drink 8 to 12 glasses a day; and a "flush".

To make a days master cleanse juice, take a clean one-gallon jug and pour in three quarts of water (not distilled), one cup lemon juice (actual squeezed lemon is the best) , one cup pure maple syrup (not maple flavored, but the real stuff) or molasses and one teaspoon cayenne (or as much as you can handle)

Add all the ingredients in and shake. Shake again before each drink to avoid any segments settling at the bottom. Drink at least 8 glasses of this juice daily. Better still, drink 12.

The second part is the flush. You also need to do this daily.

This salt water flush is evidently a powerful tool in removing waste from the colon. But it is not a very pleasant procedure so many people chose not to do the flush.

You must use sea salt for the flush. Start with 2 teaspoons with 1 liter of room temperature water and drink the solution. If you do not respond to this amount then you will need to use more salt.

Expect 3 to 8 bowel movements in the following hours which will expel the liter of salt solution – this will be a strong watery diarrhea. This is the flush. It will not be pleasant and you better be next to a toilet.

Follow this for atleast ten days. On the eleventh day, you can start re-introducing solid foods starting off with juices, then soups. By the 14th day you should be able to eat normal solid foods.

It is important to note that Beyonce did not follow his strict format. She is said to have added a vegetables dish daily to her cleansing juice.


The real diet and workout routine Beyonce uses

Beyonce used the Maple Syrup Diet just once. However, she has a daily routine that maintains that famous body. In the June 2009 issue of Self magazine, Beyonce is reported to keeps herself on a strict daily diet, besides one extravagant meal, like pizza or pasta, probably once a week.

Beyonce says, "I have granola or Special K for breakfast. Then I’ll have a snack– sliced fruit, or tomatoes and cucumbers with vinaigrette and cayenne pepper. For lunch, I invented a salad, the Sasha salad, which is lettuce, tomato, avocado, jalapenos and chicken breast with oil and vinegar. It’s really delicious because it tastes like it’s not very good for you," Beyonce told the mag.

"Then I’ll have a 100-calorie snack, like Oreos or crackers. For dinner, I’ll have fish and green vegetables. Then maybe I’ll have a Soy Dream 'ice cream' sandwich at the end of the day before I go to sleep."

Not to mention the pretty intensive workouts; which involves 5 days a week with a trainer. She runs between 3 to 6 miles, daily. She does squats, walking lunges and step-ups, a hundred each! And she also lifts a five pound weight to strengthen and tone her arms.

As you can see, there is a better reason as to how Beyonce manages to keep her body in Hollywood shape all year round (the REAL Beyonce Diet). She also adds that she makes effort to make sure she has a flat stomach. Unfortunatelly, losing belly fat is probably the most misunderstood concepts. Most people kill themselves trying to control calories. The truth is that you need to "Go Beyond Calories" to lose belly fat fast, easily and permanently. You need to "Go Beyond Calories" and focus on two things, just two things. These two are....

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