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Fasting to Lose Weight

Advantages and disadvantages of fasting to lose weight


Fasting to lose weight is a really tricky thing with no straight anwers. It is usually safer to advice aganist it wholesale. For years it has been believed by many that not eating to lose weight resulted to a guaranteed regain. It can even get worse, because when the individual begins to eat again not only would the weight that was originally lost be regained, but even more weight would be put on.

However this is not always true. The fact of the matter is that sometimes fasting to lose weight can be a better way to lose. Not only will the weight be lost, but also the body will rid itself of toxins – cleansing of the system.

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With fasting for weight loss, individuals should take caution in the foods they eat and calorie intake. 

Once the fasting cycle is complete, the body can become susceptible to retaining more calories, hence the possibility of gaining the weight back. 

When you fast, you should be prepared to change the diet by possibly lowering the calorie intake. 

If you have been fasting to lose weight, returning to the original habits could only end in the original starting point. See  "Go Beyond Calories" (Get your FREE copy here)  to learn more.

The "Master Cleanse diet" is one of the older fasting weight loss diets. It was created for ulcer treatments. 

The cleanse requires an individual to drink a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water a minimum of six times throughout the day and no more than twelve.

Although weight will be lost using this method, it is not due to the cocktail. 

The mixture will help in detoxifying the system, but no proof has been found that it was the cause of the weight loss. The weight loss is due to the lack of calorie intake. One could probably have a similar weight loss experience by just drinking water for the same amount of time.

Advantages of fasting to lose weight

There are some advantages to losing weight by fasting. One can expect to lose weight fairly quickly when fasting. Naturally, if the body is not taking in calories, there is no weight to gain. This however will  not neccesarily result to the fastest weight loss possible.

Although the body is not receiving calories, the weight loss can be considerably slower in comparison to other diets. The body was designed to self protect. If it is deprived of food, it may soon think that it is stuck in a famine and attempt to survive by storing fat for later use. But one can be rest assured that some weight will be lost.

Fasting will also result in a cleansed system, especially if there are special instructions similar to those of the Master Cleanse. With such a fast, an individual drinks a specified fluid combined of sweet, sour and spicy. Originally designed to help with ulcers, the liquid would run through the system depleting any toxins currently contained in the system.

This can also be of use to people attempting to rid themselves of addictions. Since fasting cleanses the body, all of the toxins derived from drugs and/or alcohol will be removed. As a result, the addict will receive some assistance in recovering.

Fasting is also great for health purposes. For example, there have been many times that the body can go into a sort of shock, causing the individual to feel sick, when dietary changes are made. If the individual were to fast for a day before making the changes to the diet, the transition would be a lot smoother. This will allow the body to slowly become used to the idea of the change.

Diasdvantages of fasting for weight loss

Of course, there are some disadvantages of using fasting to lose weight – there is typically some bad for every good. Some of these disadvantages are that fasting will change the metabolism.

In many cases, water is lost as well as muscle tissue. Some individuals may incur a sort of withdraw from foods that are used regularly by the body. Other symptoms may occur like a lower blood pressure or experiencing a dry mouth.

When an individual deprives itself of food, the body will automatically go into self – protect mode and begin to store what calories it has as opposed to burning them. When eating does occur again, it is imperative that the individual return gradually. Otherwise regain is imperative.

Water is usually a target of loss during a fast. This could lead to damaging results. The body will typically shed this before burning fat.

Muscle is another target. Keep in mind that the body thinks there is a famine is occurring. There is uncertainty of when the next meal will be made available. In its attempt to preserve what little energy exists, the muscle will be turned to catabolised for additional energy. See  "Go Beyond Calories" (Get your FREE copy here)  to learn more.

At times, an individual may even experience a withdrawal from the foods that he/she is used to. The body is familiar with the cup of coffee in the morning or a dessert in the afternoon. Because the change happened suddenly, some withdraw can occur.

Some cases of low blood pressure or dry mouth have been reported as a result of fasting. Though these are not common occurrences, there have been such situations. Some things are ok, when done in moderation. Fasting to lose weight  should be done with extreme care if at all.

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