Fat Body Types

Picture of types of body fat distribution


Fat body types is the distribution fat within ones body that gives one a particular body shape. And as you deposit more body fat, increasing your BMI; the fat distributes itself in basically two ways. This was first noted by a French physician.

He named these fat body types as Android (Apple Body Shape) and Gynoid (Pear Body Shape). Later there has been the inclusion of a third body type called Ovoid (Avocado Body Shape). This is a go between the other two body shapes.

The determinant of body fat distribution is mainly ones genetic make-up as well as hormonal distribution. With hormones, it is found that a particular body shape is predominant in a particular sex.

Often we are used to stickmen drawings and illustrations to get an idea of these body shapes. However, below are some real life photos showing cases of both apple and pear body shapes. 

Apple Shaped Body:

  • Have a narrow pelvis
  • Small hips that do not flare
  • Tend to store fat mainly around the stomach and generally on the upper body
  • This body shape is mostly in men but also common in women
  • Due to the high waist circumference they tend to be at an increased risk of obesity related diseases
  • Usually very difficult to cut the "pot belly"
Apple Body Shape

Pear Shaped Body:
  • This body shape tends to be curvy and feminine
  • They have a small shoulder that taper to an even smaller waist
  • The small waist in turn flares into big hips and large bottoms
  • They tend to gain weight mostly on hips and thighs. This areas are also the most difficult when losing weight.
  • Tend to have cellulite on both thighs and bottoms
  • This is mostly predominant in women and not common among men
Pear Body Shape

Here is an illustrated comparison of these two fat body types and how they relate to the fruit they are named after. Note how the apple body has more weight above the waist. While the pear has more weight below the waist...

Apple Pear Body Shape

Using a fat loss strategy like Go Beyond Calories, one can be able to succesfully manage these kinds of body types. Infact you can go as far as getting a flat stomach or even a six pack as seen below...

Flat stomach and Six pack abs


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