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Fat Obesity Stories

Have an interesting fat (obesity) story? Please share

What is you fat story, what is your story of being obese? On this page we give you a full page in this website to share your most unforgetable experiences of being fat. 
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We know that being fat or overweight has its challenges. If you are battling any level of obesity or excesss weight you are definitelly facing some challenges. Could you be having any particular experience you would like to share? It can be a bad experience like discrimination or even a funny one like getting stuck in a chair, we want to hear from you.

Share your story of what happened. Tell us everthing; Where were you when it happend? What were you doing? What exactly happened? How did it make you feel? You get the picture, we want the whole story.
We will dedicate a whole page to your story so be detailed.

If you have picture related to your fat story please upload it.You can upload it in the "Upload Picture" section below. You can even share a YouTube video. Just embed the code of the video in the area where you type in your story.

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Fat & Obesity Stories Other Visitors Have Shared...

Life Changing - Lost 73 Lbs So Far 
I've been obese throughout most of my life. I had bad eating habits. I weigh in as much as 286 lbs but no one noticed how fat I was because of my height …

Finally Realized I Was Fat 
I was always thin, boarding on skinny. When I started college in 2002 I was 5 ft 8 and 150 pounds. At the start of my sophomore year I noticed that my …

The Fight Of My Life 
My name is Sabrina Singletary and I am 34 years old. I am the youngest out of 5 siblings. I can recall my weight problem beginning in 5th grade. The …

I Broke My Boss' Chair. . . And Slightly Emptied A Pool 
I am a teacher at a high school and these are just two of my experiences of being fat. I once had a meeting with a couple of other teachers and the principal. …

Steroids & Belly Fat - Bodybuilding Gone Really Wrong 
This is my story of how steroids have given me belly fat. I am 29 now, 192cm tall and when I weighed myself yesterday the scale said 646 lbs. I live in …

Size 22 to Size 3... And Still Dropping! Not rated yet
I carry weight well but still a size 22 is crazy. one day i decided i was going to change and i was going to go full force with it. Slowly at first the …

Pseudotumor Cerebri - Can't Lose Weight Because I Can't Exercises Not rated yet
Being overweight isn't a chosen life style, it's a punishment. Maybe it's God’s way of saying you’re a **** up, you're nothing, and you're going to be …

A BIG Lifestyle Change Not rated yet
The fat kid. That was me, my whole life. Compared to so many people in developed countries (like the USA) I was extremely lucky in the fact that my family …

My Life According To Food Not rated yet
I loved food. it was really a problem. i ate all the time. I couldn't stop myself once i started; things like chicken,pizza, turkey, turkeys wrapped …

From 180 Lbs To Size 9 Jeans Not rated yet
When most people see me, who haven't seen me for the longest time, they have to look over me a couple of times. "Wow," is their usual response. I'm …

From 430 Lbs to a Size 8 Model Not rated yet
I used to weigh 430 pounds and was morbidly obese. 2 years ago I realized that my love for food would kill me in 5 years. I realized that this continual …

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