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How janet jackson's diet dropped her 60 pounds


Janet Jackson diet became a celebrity diet hit after Janet appeared on a June 2006 issue of US Weekly magazine packing a six pack and looking incredibly hot. But what made the story even more  incredible was the fact that the soft spoken diva had actually lost an enormous 60 lbs.

The six pack she was flashing on US weekly was a concerted effort of a chef, a personal trainer and accupuncturist. The strategy she used, what is often refered to as Janet Jackson diet by her fans, is a comprehensive weight loss regiments that includes diet, exercises and even acupuncture to help deal with her cravings. 

Though a flat stomach is not easy to come by, there are techniques that can make it much more realisticlaly attainable. For example, you should not be focusing on calories. Infact you need to "Go Beyond Calories" and focus on two things, just two things. See how to Go Beyond Calories here.

Unlike other celebrity diet icon like Jennifer Lopez diet whose weight barely moves out out of range, Janet Jackson shrunk form 180 lbs to 120 lbs in just 4 months.

Born Janet Damita Jo Jackson, she is the youngest of nine siblings and sister to the famous pop star, the late Michael Jackson. Reportedly some family sources reveal that she is quintessentially a yoyo dieter since childhood. The sources allege that she goes on months eating anything and everything then goes for  months on salads, fruits and Evian water. 

Often yo-yo dieting has an emotional background and this has to be dealt with to achieve healthy sustainable weight. Emotions can have devastating effects as seen with another anecdotal celebrity diet, the Lindsay Lohan Diet

Inspite of Janet’s alleged yo-yoing, few can remember a time Janet Jackson has been fat, as in really fat. But in early 2006 she was hardly recognizable by her fans. This was the first time she had been publicly seen since the Super Bowl stunt. 

On the half time of Super Bowl February 2004, Janet Jackson performed a duet with Justin Timberlake to a live audience of over one hundred million. 

During the performance, Timberlake ripped of Janet's customs in the midst of the routine, exposing her right breast in what they called a "wardrobe malfunction". The saga caused such an uproar. 

She virtually disappeared only to appear more than a year later 60 pounds heavier. Her five foot four frame weighed a whooping 180 pounds. She confesses she has never weighted that much, ever. She was so big that she stopped wearing jewelry. Her rings and watches could not slip through her chubby fingers and wrist.


The Origin of Janet Jackson Diet

Though she is know for yo-yoing she did have an explanation for this particular size. 

She is reported to have said that she put on the weight for an acting role. 

"I put the weight on for film I was to do with Le Daniels. They wanted to see me in a different light as a heavier woman." 

And how did she do it? She says "Oh God, just eating whatever i desired. . . Ooh that looks good, give me the whole slice of cake! . . . That was the fun part. I would look in the mirror and I wouldn’t recognize myself." 

Few months later the 40yrs old Janet Jackson graced the cover of US weekly, packing a six and looking sizzling hot! A nineteen year old would envy her body. The particular issue that had Jackson in a tank-top exposing a chiseled midriff and bikini bottom was titled "How I Got Thin". It ended being the best selling issue of US weekly ever, beating issues with Angelina Jolie and Jessica Simpson on the cover. 

This was probably the birth of what today can be referred to as Janet Jackson diet. In a Black Entertainment Television show, 106 Park, she is reportedly revealed that she plans to release a fitness book and video based and detailing how she lost weight. 

Like the real Beyonce diet, Janet Jackson’s astonishingly rapid weight loss was a combination of two professionals a nutritionist and a trainer. Together they developed for her a high impact weight loss diet and weight loss exercises to melt body fat fast. She went on to achieve a picture perfect body in four months. 

Janet's eating plan consisted of between four to five meals depending on how late she stayed up. Her nutritionist recommended a gourmet food delivery service, "Fresh Dinning", for perfectly balance foods. However it is believed that she was first started with a customized replacement meal of liquid diets. 

Like any diet should, calories deficit is necessary to achieve weight loss. However poor designs results to accompanying reduction in bulk leading to feeling of hunger. Use of smaller portions yet frequent meals is an effective strategy to achieve both calorie deficit and satiety. 

Similarly use of very low calorie diets like liquid diet when used under an expert eye can be an effective means to jump start and result to huge amount of fat loss. 

In addition, Janet Jackson diet involved an intricate weight loss exercise. Indeed many celebrity diets hinge their success on physical exercise. It even explains the chiseled bellies and shoulders. 

Her trainer designed for her a mix of strength training movements and cardio vascular exercises. They included reverse lunges, good mornings, leg presses, push ups triceps super sets, later at raises and more. For diversification some sports were included, such as kick boxing, basket ball, running among others. 

Her small diet secrets include a weekly cheat of the diet to allow moderate indulgence. Being on a strict diet, Janet uses this to help do away cravings or feeling of punishment. In addition she watches her portion eats regularly without skipping meals, sleeps well and avoids processed foods like white sugar, white flour, alcohol and sodas. 

There also has been mention of using acupuncture weight loss to compliment her diet and exercises. To achieve the kind of flat stomach Janet Jackson achieved she had to use multiple strategies. But of most importance is that you need to "Go Beyond Calories". You need to Go Beyond Calories and focus on two things. These two are...

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