Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

Jennifer Hudson's weight loss is a total of  80 lbs lost


Jennifer Hudson weight loss is among the most dramatic and transformational celebrity weight losses of the last 10 yrs. J-Hud as she is fondly referred to by her fans curved from her plus size physique 80 lbs to create a thin silohutte. She revealed this staggering number in an Oprah show early 2011. And boy has it grabbed some attention.

The now thinner J-Hud who used Weight Watchers to lose weight is currently the very visible WeightWatchers spokes person; she has penned the Jennifer Hudson weight loss journey in the book titled "I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down" and she is geting people motivated to get that coveted flat stomach.

She is making people believe that you can lose alot of weight and lose it fast. But what many donot know is that to get these kinds of results you need to stop focusing on calories. Infact you need to "Go Beyond Calories" and focus on two things, just two things. See how to Go Beyond Calories here.

The exact amount of weight Jennifer Hudson lost was kept under wraps for a pretty long time. But the celebrity singer, actor and now mom to a a 2 year old son was so excited that she revealed the secret number. All in all, Jennifer Hudson's weight loss is a 5 dress sizes drop, shedding from a size 16 to size 6. 

Exciting as the current drop in weight is, J-Hud's weight loss has some history to it. This is not the first time she has lost a huge amount of weight.

About her new found weight, she tells CNN, "At night I can't even sleep because I can't wait to see what I am going to wear the next day". 

"It does make it a whole lot easier because now my fittings aren't that long," she explained. "The first thing I try on, I’m like, 'That's the dress. OK, let’s go.' And it’s that simple, and it's fun, and it looks good!"


Jennifer Hudson's Weight Loss Journey

Many might remember her debut into the limelight as a one of the 12 American Idol finalist way back in 2003. 

The then Miss Hudson is said to have dropped a whooping 60 pounds to audition for the popular TV show. 

Apparently she then dropped fro a size 22 to a size 10 by cutting back on fried foods, ice cream and jogging.

Inspite of not winning in Idols, her start kept rising. In 2005 she auditioned for a role in the movie "Dream Girls". 

To suit the role she had to reverse her weight loss by gaining 20 pounds. However, as soon as she wrapped filming "Dream Girls", Hudson went back to eating healthy and exercising. "It bothered me to not workout," she said.

It is also for a role in this movie that the so called Beyonce Lemonade Diet or beyonce weight loss was born. For her role, Beyonce Knowles engaged a popular liquid diet to lose 20 lbs in 14 days. She however does not recommend the strategy as a way to lose weight longterm.

On the other hand, so serious was Jennifer Hudson on losing weight longterm that Newyork Times reports that at a post-Oscar bash, [in 2007] instead of toasting with alcohol, Hudson is said to have sipped mineral water in preparation for her morning workout. "I never would have guessed I’d be up at 4 a.m. to run," she said. "I love it!"

Unfortunately in 2008 tragedy struck. Jennifer Hudson lost her mother, brother and 7 year nephew. She admits to Oprah, she is not even sure if her healing has begun. But it was not all a bad year for her. It was in this year we saw the release of other of her movies "Sex & And the City" and "The Secret Life of  A Bee".

It is also in 2008 that she got pregnant with her first born son David Otunga Jnr. At 8 months pregnant, she performs at Michael Jackson’s memorial service. Of the pregnancy, Hudson refers to it as smooth. She did not have any cravings or morning sickness.

Fast forward, Jennifer Hudson is a new mom with 35 extra pounds of baby weight, and she just didn't feel right. reports, "I was like, 'Who? ... Oh, my God, this is me," she said after seeing pictures of herself post-baby. So, she signed up with Weight Watchers to help her reach her goal of becoming "a better me."

Two months after giving birth, she was back to 45 to 60 minutes walking. She told PEOPLE "I work out at least 45 minutes every day… But I don’t count calories". By 2010 she had enlisted celebrity trainer Hayley Pasternak to help her get rid of the last few pounds.


Jennifer Hudson's Diet

The secret to Jennifer Hudson weight loss is Weight Watchers. Most celebrities use expensive means to lose weight e.g. Janet Jackson’s weight loss. But before you can say Hudson lost all that weight because she can get chefs and trainers you cannot afford, she reminds you, "I cook all my meals at home. When I work out, I like what I do. I don't believe in overdoing myself," she says.

"It's all about self-motivation because at the end of the day, you can have all the trainers and all the money in the world, but if you don't have that mindset, it's not possible."

She admits her biggest problem was not knowing how to eat. This is where Weight Watcher’s program mostly assisted her. However, it was not a smooth start. Liz, her Weight Watcher’s supervisor say when Jennifer started on the program she was not following instructions. In about a week she added weight. When she started towing the line she started losing in days.

Like all good weight loss program, the strategy is to aim for fat loss. This is why most healthy diets include exercises. But when it comes to losing belly fat you need to stop focusing on calories. The truth is that you need to "Go Beyond Calories" to lose belly fat fast, easily and permanently. You need to "Go Beyond Calories" and focus on two things, just two things. These two are....

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