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Master Cleanse Recipe

The best maple syrup for master cleanse detox diet


The Master Cleanse Syrup or what is more accurately called the maple syrup is a key ingredient in The Master Cleanse Diet. However since the success of Master Cleanse is based on how well you follow simple instruction, the choice of syrup you use can have light and day differences in your results.

The master cleanse syrup Stanely Burrough recommends in the original Mater Cleanse Diet seems to be different from the one that is so often recommended for use in the detox regimes found on the internet.

This is because the classification of maple syrup has changed since the publishing of the original master cleanse book.

In the United States, there are primarily three main grades of maple syrup. There is Grade A. It is mild in flavor, meaning it does not have a strong maple taste. There is Grade B that has stronger taste of Maple. This is believed to have more. And there is Grade C which is considered commercial grade.

But the complexity of maple syrup classification does not end there. The US Grade A is divided into three; Light, Medium and Dark Amber. While the classification used by Canada, the world’s largest producer of maple syrup is slightly different as is the classification of Vermont the largest producer of the syrup within US.

Canada - US Maple Syrup Grades

% Light Transmittance

Canadian Grade

Canadian Colour

American Grade

American Colour


100.0 - 75.0

Canada No. 1

Extra Light

Rank A

Amber Light


74.9 - 60.5

Canada No. 1


Rank A

Medium Amber


60.4 - 44.0

Canada No. 1


Rank A

Dark Amber


43.9 - 27.0

Canada No. 2


Rank B

For Reprocessing


Less than 27.0

Canada No. 3





Source: AcadianMaple.com

Classification is based on how much light passes through the syrup, what is referred to as translucency or light transmittance as shown in the above chart. The color on the syrup on the other hand is determined by the time the syrup is harvested or tapped.

Master Cleanse Recipe Pictures:

The syrup is tapped from maple trees, particularly sugar maple, red maple and black maple. 

In cold climate areas, maple trees store starch in their stem and roots before winter.

As spring approaches, the tree converts the starch into sugar and comes from the roots and stem into the sap.

This sap is harvested by boring holes on the maple trunk and allowing it to flow out.

The sap is then processed by heating to evaporate the water to get maple syrup.

The sap that is collected early on during harvest is usually lighter in color and results to the lighter Grade A. 

As the season progresses and the temperatures increase, the sap begins a natural chemical transformation which makes the syrup darken and acquire a slightly stronger maple flavor. 

The chemical transformation has no effect on the constituent of the syrup. They all have similar amounts of sugar.


The Best Master Cleanse Syrup

You will often read that the master cleanse diet requires you use Grade B. But with the changes in classification, what grade should you use?

In the US what is Grade C is no longer available for retail. What was Grade C is now designated by USDA as Grade B.

So it is very likely that what Stanley Burroughs was referring in his book as Grade B is currently Grade A Dark Amber according to US grading, or Grade Number One Medium in Canadian grading system.

Both Grade A Dark Amber and Grade B are dark with Grade B being much more darker.

So which should you use? Well, get the darkest maple syrup you can get.  The syrup is used in the diet for it sugar as well as mineral content. The darker syrups are considered to have more minerals. So probably Grade B would be the best. This can have a very strong maple taste that not everyone can stand. If that you, use the next grade.

In the original Stanely Burroughs Master Cleanse, he states that "all grades can be used on this diet but the darker grades are more desirable"


Master Cleanse Maple Syrup Nutritional Value

Despite the varying grades, all maple syrup has fundamentally equal nutritional values. The syrup consists of primarily sugar in the form of sucrose with some vitamins and minerals. Vitamins include Vitamin B (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin) B5 (Pantothenics Acid), and B6.

Vitamins include nutritionally high amounts of Zinc and Manganese as well as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium.


Bad Master Cleanse Syrups

In the master cleanse detox diet, you need to use authentic maple syrup. Though imitation syrups are no labeled "Maple Syrup" you might be tempted to use them instead of the real thing.

Stay away from pancakes syrup, table syrup, waffle syrup and such named syrups that actually taste like maple. These syrups are actually manufactured from corn syrup rather than maple. They then add a maple flavoring.

The good news is that the US law prohibits the use of the phrase "Maple Syrup" on food syrups that are not 100% maple syrup. The other good news is that you do not need to worry about getting organic master cleanse syrup as nearly all maple syrup is organically produced.

Alternatives to Maple Syrup

Maple syrup may not be available in your country. As an alternative ingredient for the master cleanse Burroughs suggest that fresh sugar can juice can be used or pure sorghum. Other version also suggest organic honey or molasses.

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