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Oprah Weight Loss

Oprah's weight loss plan is based on experience


Oprah’s weight loss plan is a well documented, designed and structured weight loss plan. This is unlike some other famed diets like Linsay Lohan diet or Jennifer Lopez diet that are based on sketchy details. 

Obviously having been created by a celebrity, Oprah weight loss plan is one of what is refered to as celebrity diets. For effective weight loss see  "Go Beyond Calories" (Get your FREE copy here)  to learn more.

Oprah’s diet is greatly influenced by Bob Greene's diet and is based from Oprah’s own experience with Greene’s diet and what works. 

Oprah Winfrey, host of the widely televised Oprah show, is a typical story of a long time of struggling with weight. Her body seems to be inclined to putting up weight easily. 

Oprah Weight Loss Pictures:

Keeping her social life on hold, in 1988 she went on a four month liquid diet and lost an incredible 67 pound. 

At the time she says she proudly fit into a size 10 jean.

She then reached her lowest adult weight ever, 145 pounds. 

However as is always with a poorly planned very low calorie diet, Oprah started putting back weight fast. 

Within a few days of going off the diet, she could not fit into her prized jeans. 

In one week she gained back ten pounds. 

She went on to hit her highest adult weight in 1992 where she weighed 237 pounds. 

Thanks to Bob Greene’s diet her adult weight now fluctuates between 138 pounds and 198 pounds. 

Oprah Weight Loss - the Basics

In her early fifties now, Oprah looks amazingly great. Her experience with weight has lead to what is now known as Oprah Weight Loss plan in Oprah’s boot camp. This is a 12-week program that involves a fairly structured dieting as well as comprehensive weight loss exercises

In her website she goes to length to pitch on making a firm decision to manage your weight. Infact a key approach to Oprah’s diet is that one needs to be decisive on losing weight permanently. 

A firm decision to permanently lose weight is not unique to Oprah’s weight loss only, it is key in any weight loss plan. A problem an individual will encounter is how to get that firm decision from deep within themselves. Infact   "Go Beyond Calories" (Get your FREE copy here)  advises that you should desist from attempting to lose weight without a firm decision as this could as well be the beginning of a yo-yo dieting. As concerns making a decision Oprah says "Every day! Make the choice to live as well as I possibly can". 

Oprah’s eating plan is a combination of moderation i.e portion control, as well as low carbing. She notes that "one piece of anything will not kill you; it’s the second and thirds and fourth that become the problem." Lean proteins two fruits daily and ad libitum greens make up most of the eating plan. 

Carbohydrates, specifically refined carbs which she refers to a "white stuff" are considered poison. Note that whole grain carbohydrates are allowed. But in the first month into the weight loss program you completely eliminate carbs and then reintroduce them gradually in the second month. This is a strategy even used by Atkins diet. 

Carbohydrates are considered to be the body’s primary fuel. However highly processed or refined carbohydrates are known to result to hormonal imbalance that increase fat deposition and as well as induce hunger by widely fluctuating insulin. Tactful useful of carbs in weigh loss diets is used widely to induce weight loss. Oprah’s diet further recommends keeping fat low, eliminating alcohol and encourages drinking of water. 

Modeled after Bob Greene’s diet, Oprah’s weights loss plan is also highly based on weight loss exercise. Weight loss exercises are particular physical activities that target mainly the burning of body fat and consequent weight loss. 

Though many of us are quiet aware of health benefits of exercising, few ever allocate regular time for it. Infact a common excuse is lack of time. Oprah exposes such excuses as "little lies you telling yourself . . . (that) go against (the) law of self preservation." 

Obviously the simple logic is that the healthier you are, the more you can give to the people that need you like your spouse, your children, your boss etc. So creating time to be healthy is not so absurd. Oprahs weight loss plan starts with basic training for those that are not fit. It is set to increase fitness level and act as an introduction to exercising. Quite commendable strategy as most overweight people are severely unfit and easily find an intense work out punishing not to mention the high risk of injuries. This introductory stage consists mainly of walking. 

The exercise regime then graduates to cardios and strength training. The cardios start at 30 minutes and are increased with two minutes, weekly. Oprah points out that one of the biggest mistakes in losing weight is staying at the same level 

Included in the regime twice a week is a circuit training similar to one used in Jennifer Lopez diet. Oprah says she learnt of this technique from John Travolta’s trainer Steve Mayes. 

Circuit training is an intensive training that combines both a cardio and strength training in the same routine. For example, every five minutes you alternate between treadmill and some floor movements like sit-ups, squats etc. 

Oprah’s weight loss plan is a good example of trying to individualize a diet. This is key in accommodating personal preferences into a weight loss plan. It helps mitigate against attritions i.e. quitting and increases chances of changing your lifestyle accordingly.  "Go Beyond Calories" (Get your FREE copy here)  notes that without an individualized diet, it is just a matter of time before one quits. This of course does not mean you should not learn new things.

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