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Burst Training for Weight Loss

10 minutes work out for losing body fat

Burst training for weight loss is literally a counter advice to the so common aerobics and cardiovascular exercises for losing weight. Most of the advice on weight los exercises will always encourage one to walk, do the step machine or elliptical trainer for 30 to 60 minutes a day.

Burst training or surge training as it is sometimes called, involves a 10 minutes weight loss workout. To make matters even worse you will be resting about half of this time. But here is the kicker. . . as Dr Daniel Pompa of DrPompa.com asserts, you will actually lose more weight this ways, than the 60 minutes aerobics workout.

The logic behind aerobics weight loss exercises is that you target the “fat burning zone”. In this zone, you will be exerting in such a way that most of the energy required is being supplied from body fat. So it does make sense than to recommend aerobics for weight loss. This is until you get the full story. . .

The full story according Dr Pompa is that research has shown that your body reverses the source of energy for the next 24 to 36 hrs after a workout. So in the case of aerobics, you will be burning body fat during those 45 to 60 minutes. But for the next 24 to 48 hours you will be burning primarily glucose (sugar).

Keep in mind your body gets energy from two main sources; glucose add fat.

So after aerobics your body needs to get huge amounts of glucose due to the reversal of preferred energy sources. One way it supplies glucoses is by cannibalizing (digesting) your muscle tissue to harvest the glucose within it. Muscle constitutes the bigger mass of your body’s lean tissue.

Unfortunately, reduced lean tissue mass results to a slower metabolism. A slower metabolism leads to less fat burning. Burst training is the exact opposite.

During the 10 minutes of intense work out, you body will be primarily using glucose. This is because most of the surge training will be in an anaerobic state. But in the following 24 to 48 hours, you body will switch it energy preference from sugar to fat. And this is what causes you to lose fat fast.

But there is more. . .

Burst training also increases fat burning hormones like the Growth Hormone and Testosterone, turning your body into a fat burning furnace.

As demonstrated by Merily Pompa, Dr Daniel Pompa’s wife, bust training involves 30 to 60 seconds of very intense exercising. In this video the exercise is a sprint at about 10 miles per hour for 45 seconds.

Then you take a rest to recover your breath. The idea is to push for maximum sped you can a workout followed by a rest period. Do this four times which takes you about 10 minutes and your workout is done for the day.

But it gets even more intreaesting. . . .

You only need top do this every other day. This allows your body to optimize fat burning.

So if time for exercising has been your excuse for not hitting the gym, then that excuse just went up in flames.

Yet even with such an effective fat loss workout, your efforts can be in vain if you combine this workout with an ineffective fat loss diet. Weight loss is 80% diet 20% exercising. Miss the diet part and that sexy toned body will be a mirage.

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