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Flat Stomach Exercises

Easy breathing exercise that loses belly fat easily

Breathing exercises for weight loss are not exactly your usual weight loss recommendations. But when done right and consistently it will lose you substantial amounts of belly fat to give those coveted but elusive abs.

Generally yoga will not lose you weight. But according to Anmol Mehta who is featured in the video, using a pranayamas or form of yoga called Kapal Bhati will. This form is centered on breathing.

Practiced over time, Kapalbhati Pranayama  will reduce abdominal fat, fight obesity, tone abdominal muscles and bestow core abdominal strength and power by working both upper and lower abdominals; and who knows, probably get you ripped abdominal muscles.

We already know the reason that aerobic exercises have been highly recommended with weight loss diet is that they are believed to burn fat. Fat burning on the other hand occur in the presence of oxygen. This is the reason behind the "fat burning zone"

Evidently concentrating on learning how to breathe can make this "fat burning zone" a permanent state in your body, making you burn fat without exercising.

Breathing as a flat stomach exercise has even more benefits than just losing you belly fat. Oxygen help eliminate toxin fro the body. There are studies that indicate that toxin accumulation in the body encourage fat retention. Breathing, by helping release toxins makes it easier for the body to also let go of body fat.

Other befits breathing exercises include;

It improves respiration, lung capacity and blood circulation. Kapalbhati helps cure associated diseases of this region (asthma, bronchitis etc).

It improves digestion and elimination. Cures diseases and imbalances associated with this region such as indigestion, gas, diabetes, etc.

From a body stand point Kapalbhati Pranayama should be used to eject any illnesses, diseases, weaknesses from the body thus allowing it grow in health, vitality and vigor.

These are among other emotional and mental benefits

As Anmol mentions one of the good things about this breathing exercise is that it is easy to do yet it has alot of benefits. In weight loss there are limited diets that can be said to be easy to implements and have results. On such diet is  "Go Beyond Calories" (Get your FREE copy here)  .


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