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How to find a good weight loss hynotist to help you


A good weight loss hypnotist  is imperative in helping you in your quest to lose weight. This is especially true for some people. And this is simply because weight loss has alot to do with your mind. But equaly important is that your hypnotist should have the proper credentials. 

Infact, a good place to start looking for a weight loss hypnotist may be with your own medical doctor, or you can consult with your local mental health organization. You can also check practitioners' credentials directly if you find someone you think you like.

Americans increasingly struggle with weight and the resulting health issues overweight and obesity bring. More than 60 million Americans are obese today, which bodes ill for our futures.

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Of course, people who are overweight or obese want to lose weight, and there are a number of effective ways to lose weight available.

One of them, however, may surprise you. 

Hypnosis is a weight loss tool that can be very effective in assisting one to keep up with effective diets

And a good example of a combination of hypnosis and an effective diet in one place is    "Go Beyond Calories" (Get your FREE copy here)  .

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy has been around for centuries, and it's a way to circumvent your "thinking" mind and directly access your subconscious mind so as to alter your behavior. 

It can work for particularly intractable disorders like smoking or overeating because it bypasses that part of your mind that is so entrenched in bad habits and simply can't seem to break them.

Instead, it directly accesses the subconscious and "changes" habits at the core. Done right, these newly formed habits can then become true habits once they have been introduced by your hypnotist to your subconscious mind, and you can break formally bad behaviors like overeating or smoking.

How does hypnotherapy work?

A hypnotist works by putting the patient in a completely relaxed and open state of mind. Because your thinking mind is often "skeptical" or resistant to behavioral changes, having a good weight loss hypnotist put you in a hypnotic state to introduce new habits and new ways of thinking can make these new thought introductions much easier.

As one example, the hypnotist might say to the hypnotized patient, "When you're angry or upset, you're no longer going to crave ice cream or other sugary treats. Instead, you're going to want to go for a walk or take some exercise to clear your mind."

Now, there's a point to be made here, and that is that hypnotism doesn't usually work in just one session. Instead, just as with any habit changes, the hypnosis changes poor eating behaviors slowly over time until they become permanently established in the new, healthier behavior patterns.

Let's take the above example. A patient may leave the session after the hypnotist has established that sugary treats are no longer going to interest them when they become angry or upset and that instead, they're going to want to go for a walk. With the hypnosis, the new thought pattern will stay there for some time; eventually, though, it's probably going to "wear off" and old behaviors will reemerge.

For that reason, hypnosis sessions have to be frequent at least at first, until the new patterns are firmly established. And in some cases, you'll need to continue to see a hypnotist on a regular basis either occasionally or frequently to make sure the new patterns stick.

What will the weight loss hypnotist do during your sessions?

During your first session with your hypnotist, he or she is going to want to get to know you and what drives the behaviors you want to change. For example, if you eat healthy foods but are an overeater, he or she is going to want to discern the reason why and help you understand it. 

If you have this understanding when you go into hypnosis AND you truly want to change the behavior, it can often be easier to allow yourself to be hypnotized and to bring about these behavioral changes. This is why weight loss hypnosis is always used in conjuction with an effective diet plan as is the case in  "Go Beyond Calories" (Get your FREE copy here)  .

Either during the first session or in your next one, your hypnotist is also going to see how suggestible you are and how easy you are to hypnotize. Certain people are easier to hypnotize than others. 

If you are very analytical or skeptical about hypnosis, it may not work for you; people who tend toward the more creative rather than the analytical side of things, and who are open-minded about the possibility of hypnosis working, tend to be much more suggestible and much more adaptable to the suggestions that the hypnotist will be making.

If it has been established that you are suggestible and hypnosis may work for you, your hypnotist will put you in a light trance state. Now, it's not true at all that you're going to be out of control of your faculties or that you won't remember what happened. Instead, you will feel hyper-alert but very relaxed.

You will be able to focus completely on what the hypnotist is saying, and your mind will be much "quieter" than it usually is during your regular state. If you have ever gotten completely absorbed in something you're doing, this is actually a sort of self-hypnosis we all engage in. 

It will be very much like that during your hypnosis sessions with your weight loss hypnotist. The difference is, your thoughts will be directed to focus on what the hypnotist is saying.

As with anything, keep your eyes and ears open. If you feel therapy sessions are not working or if you ever feel exploited in anyway, stop seeing the therapist no matter what he or she tells you. 

Done right and with the proper weight loss hypnotist, though, hypnosis can help you change long-standing behaviors so that you can adopt a more healthy diet and lifestyle without the stumbling blocks entrenched bad habits may give you.

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