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Do not use laxatives for weight loss


Weight loss laxatives are a crude method of using laxatives to speed food through the digestive system. This is done with the intent of reducing calorie intake and consequent loss of weight. This method tries to unsuccesfully mimic effective diet supplements that bind calories.

Of all purported diet supplements, weight loss laxatives is definitely among the most baseless and uninformed. Laxatives are a preparation that could include oils, salts and fibers among other ingredients to encourage bowel movements. They are mainly used to treat constipation. They generally work in three main ways. 

One such a way is softening of stool by adding water and /or fat into the stool. This will increase the bulk of the stool and stimulate expulsion.

Alternatively they lubricate the stool by adding fat to easily slide the stool through the intestines. Thirdly they are used to stimulate the colon’s nerve endings to induce expulsion. 

Laxatives have been known to be abused by bulimics. 

Bulimic nervosa commonly referred to as bulimia is a psychological disorder which expresses itself as an eating disorder.

Patients are involved in a recurrent cycle of excessive eating (binging) followed by intentional purging or removal of food to avoid weight gain. The purge episode supposedly compensates for the binging episodes. 

Purging involves, vomiting, excessive fasting or excessive exercising as well as use of laxatives to encourage bowel movement. 

Using laxatives to lose weight is dependent on the unscientific theory that after eating like a horse you can use the laxatives to rush food through the intestines and reduce calorie absorption. This aside of being false is outrageous. 

Effective weight loss supplements like Caralluma can act as a compliment to a good fat loss strategy. It is a proven appetite suppresant that reduces the calories you eat.

But when it comes to losing fat, specifically losing belly fat to get a flat stomach, you need to "Go Beyond Calories".  Infact you need to "Go Beyond Calories" and focus on two things, just two things. Watch this short video below to see these two things...



Effect of Laxatives on Weight Loss

First few laxatives act in any significant manner in the small intestines. Often they work on the colon which is the distal end of the digestive system just before the anus.

And since most nutrients and calories absorption happens in the small intestines, laxatives have minimal effect on calorie absorption. A study on laxatives effect on calories absorption has shown insignificant to no effect. 

This would mean that even with forced expulsion of feacal matter, most of the calories and nutrients have already been absorbed. As far as weight management is concerned, as long as there is more calorie intake, then there is expenditure and you’ll still gain weight. 

However what is usually misleading is that for a short time one might notice a small weight loss with laxatives. This occurs due to loss of water. As noted earlier one effect of laxatives is to increase bulk and soften the stool by hydrating it. This bulk then stimulates expulsion. This water is absorbed from the body. 

Indeed intense use of laxatives can result to loss of huge amounts of water by the body. And since the body consists of nearly 80% water, this could easily register as a few pounds of weight loss in your bathroom scale. 

Unfortunately or fortunately the body quickly counters this unhealthy effect. 

Your body tends to adjust to this dehydration by storing more water than it needs anticipating dehydration. 

This result to your body getting blotted and consequently increase in body weight. 

Yet this is but one the bad effect of using laxatives for weight loss, they are even worse effects 

Due to the dehydration nature of laxatives, their regular use to manage weight can upset your electrolyte balance. 

Electrolytes are minerals like Sodium and Potassium that are dissolved in your body fluids like blood. They are needed at specific concentration and exact ratio to each other to facilitate proper functioning of nerves and muscles among others. An electrolyte imbalance can then result to muscle cramps, tremors, spasms, irregular heart beat and in severe cases, cardiac arrest. 

And since research shows that it is nearly impossible to completely re-hydrate the body in less than 24-48 hrs consistent use of laxatives is a time bomb. The longer you are dehydrated the longer it takes to re-hydrate. And your body will always under perform in dehydration obviously reducing the amount of calories you use. 

Similarly of great concern in using laxatives for weight loss is likely dependent on laxatives to do the job. Once your bowel movements get used to being artificially stimulated, you may just always need to take laxatives to go to the toilet, all in the name of trying to lose weight. Accurate weight loss information is critical for successful and permanent weight loss. There is yet a magical shortcut to losing weight. 

When electing to use diet supplements in a weight loss plan, it pays to be informed. Seek out effective and most importantly safe  options. Consider a supplement like Caralluma. But even more importanly, you need to have an effective program for which you will compliment the supplement with.

But if you are looking to lose alot of body fat fast. If you want to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach or even six pack abs, you will need more than supplements. You will also need to Go Beyond Calories.

The truth is that you need to "Go Beyond Calories" to lose belly fat fast, easily and permanently. You need to "Go Beyond Calories" and focus on two things, just two things. These two are....

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