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Weight loss medication and hesitant doctors


Weight loss medication a responsibility squarely on the shoulders of physicians, is not prescribed as often as you would expect. Unlike weight loss surgery, the use of weight loss drugs has been left behind as a means of supporting or aiding in critical weight loss. 

Weight loss medication can be used in a comprehensive weight loss program as a support structure. This is particularly for the morbidly obese. 

As a support structure drugs would provide the much needed physiological and psychological assistance to succeed in losing weight permanently. But they are not easy to come by as you need a prescription. As an alternative one can use diet supplements like Caralluma.

It is unfortunate that the medical fraternity seems reluctant in prescribing weight loss medications. This though, has its valid reasons. 

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Failure of different types of weight loss drugs and the resulting expressions of negative and harmful effect has greatly discouraged physicians from prescribing them. 

One good example is the then rising Phen-Fen

Unfortunately its side effects included the weakening of heart valves which in turn resulted to its withdrawal from the market. 

Another contributing factor in physician apathy to weight loss medication is the previous and still prevailing classification of obesity as a social condition.

Consequently physicians have left obesity treatment to nutritionist and psychologists who are considered better equipped in dealing with the menace. 

But even with the definition of obesity as a multi-factorial disease by World Health Organisation (WHO), there has been little change in this perception. 

As a result medicine has not been a huge contributing factor in weight loss programs. 

This is inspite the fact that today we do know that obesity can be a result of physiological malfunction and therefore a disease similar to diabetes or hypertension. 

Obviously physicians do not tell diabetics or a hypertension patient to only control their diet and exercise. They definitely include some medications to assist in correcting their physiology. Similarly, obesity can be approached from this angle. 

A third reason for shunning weight loss medication by doctors is closely related to the preceding one. Majority of physicians were not trained to deal and treat obesity in med-school. As a matter of fact weight loss treatment is just starting to make inroads into medical school curricula. 

Consequently, physicians have not had basic guidelines of approaching weight loss professionally. Those that venture into obesity treatment relied on self-education and some level of trial and error. However most just shun it as a social problem seeing no reason to test unfamiliar territories.


Some Weight Loss Medicines

On the other hand, research for better weight loss medication has been hindered by the fact that companies are un-willing to commit funds into research for products/ingredients they do not fully own. 

As a result fewer weight loss drugs are being tested and even fewer are seeing light of day. To date few of these medicines can be said to be effective. 

And even then, they are mostly approved for short-term use. Below are the most common;

  • Sibutramine : Sibutramine is marketed as a weight loss pill under the brand name Meridia in the U.S and Reductil in Europe. It is a central nervous system stimulant that inhibits the reuptake of neurotransmitters in the brain. This leads to suppression of appetite and an increase in the sense of fullness.

  • Orlistat : Orlistat is a lipase inhibitor that results to reduced calorie intake by reducing fat absorption in the digestive tract. It inhibits or incapacitates the enzyme lipase from breaking down the fat. It is marketed as the diet pill Xenical.

  • Phentermine : Phentermine is the most commonly prescribed appetite suppressant accounting for over 50% weight loss prescription in the U.S, probably because it is cheaper than the alternatives - sibutramine and orlistat. Phentermine decreases appetite by changing brain levels of neurotransmitters associated with satiety.
With the negative publicity received by other weight loss medications, prescription of these weight loss pills is still used reservedly by physicians. And though like some other medicines, they show varying side-effects, they can be used to combat obesity and aid in achieving permanent weight loss. 

For most individuals, a change in lifestyle will result to both weight loss and successful weight management. The challenge then lies in achieving a healthy lifestyle consistent with a healthy weight. Weight loss medications and supplements like Caralluma act as adjuncts to this process. They can infact prove to be very effective for some individulas. Especially the ones that face a problem in keeping up with a diet program.

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