Wellbutrin Weight Loss

Wellbutrin weight loss is actually a side effect 


Wellbutrin weight loss is a non-indicated or what is also called an off-label administration of Wellbutrin XL. Wellbutrin (chemically known as bupropion) is a medication approved and primarily used to treat depresion. However its administration as an anti-depresant results to such huge weight loss that some doctors prescribe a dosage of 300mg to 400mg per day to target loss of weight.

Like similar drugs, wellbutrin weight loss works by interacting with neurotransmitters in the brain. However unlike chemically related drugs, it is known to affect a different set of neurotransmiiters; affecting dopamine and norepinephrine rather than serotonin

And though it has been shown to lead to as much as 10% loss of body weight in just six months, it is not a weight losss strategy of choice. If you are looking for a an effective diet pill, I would recommend Caralluma Fimbriata based diet pill as a natural and safe alternative.

Wellbutrin is basically bupropion hydrochlonde, a chemical related to diethylpropion or Tenuate. Unlike other antidepresent e.g. prozac, wellbutrin is neither a serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (like prozac) nor an MAO inhibitor (like Nardil). So other antidepresent do not really show similar effects of weight loss. 

Wellbutrin XL is manufactured by Glaxo Smithkline. And though it does lead to weight loss it is not the best way. 

If you want to lose weight, even more specifcally lose belly fat fast, easily and permanelty; you will need to ignore calories. Infact you need to "Go Beyond Calories" and focus on two things, just two things. See how to Go Beyond Calories here. 

Wellbutrin Weight Loss Mechanism of Action

Welbutrin or bupropion weight loss like other approved weight loss diet pills like Adipex and Meridia is also a central nervous system stimulant.

It affects neurotransmitters in the brain inhibiting the feeling of hunger. However unlike them, it mainly affects dopamine and norepinephrine rather than serotonin.

Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals used to send messages with the central nervous system and the brain. 

They are released by nerve cells and stimulate reception on other cells. Once the message is sent, the neurotransmitters are destroyed or absorbed into the cell that produced them. 

This is technically referred to as neurotransmitters re-uptake. Wellbutrin affects dopamine and norepnehrine by inhibiting the re-uptake.

Wellbutrin Side Effects

Common side effects of bupropion include headaches, dry mouth and diarrhea.

Others are excitement, anxiety, dizziness, vomiting, tremor, constipation and excessive sweating.

Some of the serious side effects include seizures, confusion, hallucinations, irrational fear, fever, severe skin rash, itching, swelling of face, throat, tongue, lips, eyes, ankles or lower legs, hoarseness muscle or joint pains and irregular heart beats.

Higher doses show higher cases of side effects.


Higher doses show higher cases of side effects. Do not use if, you have injuries or any eating disorders. The drug is only approved, even as an antidepressant strictly for adults. Children tend to develop suicidal thoughts with the drugs.

Preparation and Dosage of Wellbutrin for Weight Loss

For weight loss the dosage reported for Wellbutrin are 400 mg/day and 300 mg/day during 24 weeks. Wellbutrin showed an extent of dose dependant effect in weight loss. 400 mg/day resulted to 10% loss of total body weight and 300 mg/day resulted to 7.2% compared to a control that had only 5.0%.

Note the control was a diet and exercise only and the other were diet, exercise and welbutrin. And though the higher dosage had better results it also had the most side effects. Instead of wellbutrin you should really consider Caralluma.

Weight loss as a result of using wellbutrin has one fundamental disadvantage. You will need a doctors prescription. However if you are looking to get a flat stomach fast, easily and permanetly without using drugs you need to "Go Beyond Calories".You need to "Go Beyond Calories" and focus on two things, just two things. These two are...

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